Laser scar correction
(with the help of a fractional CO2 laser )


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As a result of the procedure atrophic and hypertrophic scars, post-acne, stretch marks and flabby skin can be corrected.

Currently no method exists to get rid of scars completely. It is possible to minimize their appearance on a healthy skin, but it is impossible to remove them fully. For treatment or correction of scars in our clinic we use an Italian DEKA fractional CO2 laser, which is the most modern and effective device on the market.

  • Laserová korekce jizev
  • Laserová korekce jizev
  • Laserová korekce jizev
  • Laserová korekce jizev
  • Laserová korekce jizev

Effective Scar Removal at a Reasonable Price

ALTOS Clinic offers you a special procedure, which is called scar removal. It gives you an opportunity to forget about unpleasant and irritating skin defects got because of some traumas or during medical operations. Unfortunately, nowadays there is no 100% effective way of removing the scars, that’s why our doctors try to make them less visible and noticeable as it’s possible – they do create miracles.

Your skin after plastic surgery for scars on face will seem smooth, mild, and attractive, and you will forget about defects forever. Just contact our clinic! You also will be glad to know that we render professional assistance at a moderate scar removal surgery cost.

The usage of CO2 laser for plastic surgery scars

In our clinic we use approved and certified equipment of Italian manufacturer Deka. Professional CO2 laser is a unique device which is capable of almost full scar removal. It’s a step forward in cosmetic surgery for scars since it sandblasts the skin layer away. As a result, there is a substantial downtime.

Modern equipment guarantees not only pleasant, but also fast results as there is no contact between the laser and the skin. So, if you want to make this procedure effectively, you need plastic surgery scars.

Which advantages does a scar reduction surgery have?

To begin with, the laser mentioned above can boast of dramatic effects. It removes skin defects by stimulating the collagen production. First results will be seen in few days. Secondly, scar reduction surgery makes the treated place smooth and pale, so it won’t stand out for any part of the body. To add to it, it doesn’t do any harm to normal skin layer as this therapy is specified as a targeted one. Furthermore, the laser rays spread only on defective and rough epidermis. Patients will appreciate such an advantage of scar removal surgery in our clinic, as painlessness. While different types of surgical operations cause bleeding, ache, and a long postoperative period, this therapy contrast with them favorably. During the preparation for skin scar removal surgery no anaesthesia is required.

Which parts of the body can be treated this way?

Doctors of ALTOS Clinic conduct plastic surgery on scars of different types: atrophic, hypertrophic, pitted acne, and stretch marks. What’s more, it absolutely doesn’t matter on which part of the body they are located – our professionals will cope with any of them. A great experience allows them treating skin defects of different complexity levels. And all these benefits we offer you at a reasonable scar surgery cost.


If you would like to get the wanted results as soon as possible, you should make efforts to follow all the instructions of our specialists. First of all, after the surgery to remove acne scars it is recommended to wash the area with a mild soap, which won’t irritate the treated skin layer. It will be really helpful to buy a special ointment to smear and soften it or use a nonstick bandage in order not to touch it from time to time. In some cases our doctors may prescribe some antibiotic medicine to reduce the risk of infection. It will depend on your skin type, the way you coped with therapy, the results which were achieved, and postoperative look of treated place.

Medicated creams can help in making the scars fade and lose their original colour. Such a method as a cool mask will allow you to forget about the discomfort, which some patients may feel after operations. Don’t hesitate to tell our doctors about any bad consequences you have after a plastic surgery to remove scars.

The process of regeneration usually starts within 4 days after the therapy. The speed of it is determined by individual characteristics of your skin and the way you follow the specialist’s instructions. Physical activities may be resumed just after the treatment and in 6-8 weeks you will be recommended to come to clinic once again in order to check the appearance of treated areas.

Laser scar reduction and its cost in our clinic

Laser scar reduction in ALTOS Clinic won’t cost you big sums of money. Just compare it with other medical centers of this kind. As for us, for this affordable cosmetic surgery scar removal cost you will get everything you need: professional specialists having great experience and knowledge in this field, new approved equipment giving our doctors an opportunity to provide you with top-quality service, polite and friendly personnel being always ready to help you in solving any issues. We can guarantee you only satisfactory results because your new and attractive appearance is of top priority for us.

We are glad to treat patients from any city or country, so contact our managers to get any information you are keen on, including the scar revision cost.

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  • Scars treatment with CO2 fractional laser - from 86 EUR
  • Stretch mark treatment with CO2 fractional laser - from 155 EUR
* Depending on the size of the treated area.