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Redermalization is the rejuvenation and restoration of the lost skin’s qualities. It is a nutritional procedure that promotes a physiological rejuvenation of the collagen fibers.

The result of the deeply nourish of the skin and mitigate of the wrinkles is improved skin elasticity. Compound of hyaluronic and succinic acid in this procedure gives the possibility of safe, hypoallergenic treatment of problem areas, including sensitive areas around the eyes.

Redermalization is involved in the regulation of biochemical and physiological processes in cells, effectively inhibits free radicals, prevents dehydration of the skin, reduces the healing time after surgery or aesthetic treatments.

The results of the procedure

  • Normalization of the skin moisture
  • Improvement of turgor and elasticity
  • Alignment of skin colour
  • Removal of signs of post-acne
  • Deep skin nourishment
  • Lifting effect

Redermalization is carried out with injections; such method makes it possible to deliver the drug into deeper layers of the skin, which start regenerating.

Treatment procedure

The treatment is suitable for tired, wrinkled and sagging neck skin, decollate, face and hands. It eliminates under eye circles, enlarged pores, corrects and optimizes the acne scars, enhances the effect of other rejuvenating treatments. In addition, has a beneficial effect on smoothing of stretch marks and promotes healing of wounds. Lifting and regenerative effect is visible already after a few days and is cumulative.


Try the procedure of redermalization in ALTOS clinic and appreciate the quality and beauty of your skin!

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  • Xela-Rederm H&S (Hyalual) 0,9 % - 323 EUR
  • Xela-Rederm (Hyalual) 1,1% - 359 EUR
  • Xela-Rederm (Hyalual) 1,8% - 405 EUR
  • Juvederm Hydrate 0.9% - 345 EUR