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Lips augmentation is a way for you to become more attractive, beautiful, and tempting. And ALTOS Clinic knows how to make the best laser lip augmentation of a perfect quality and at reasonable prices. We specialize in lip augmentation surgery and have many customers that appeared to love our service! The dermatologists of our clinic use a special drug for the lips augmentation. It gives the opportunity to work in several vectors:
  • increase the lips volume;
  • shape the lips contours;
  • smooth wrinkles around the lips.
  • Zvětšování rtů
  • zákrok zvětšování rtů provedený v klinice Altos

The main ingredient of the filler is hyaluronic acid. When it gets into the thick dermal, hydration occurs and so the drug binds and retains moisture. Due to this effect, the skin in this area is getting straightened.

In addition, hyaluronic acid is the main component of the extracellular matrix. Thanks to it, the conditions for the optimal functioning of fibroblasts, which are responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin, are created.

Lip plastic surgery and everything you should know about it

On the basis of a preliminary examination dermatologist evaluates how much drug should be applied for the lip plastic surgery depending on the result which a patient wishes to receive. The procedure is virtually painless for the patient and does not require the use of local anaesthesia as a part of a preparation for cosmetic lip enhancement already contains lidocaine anaesthetic. The result of the lip plastic surgery will be noticeable immediately, but even during the day hyaluronic acid will gain moisture, so the final effect can be assessed in a couple of days. If the final look exceeds your expectations, then it can be corrected with the injection of a special enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid.

The drug is slowly absorbed by formatting the neutral compounds; the result is maintained for a long time up to a year.  Lip augmentation can be combined with a variety of beauty treatments, including deep peelings, BOTULINUM TOXIN A injections, and others.

Indications for lip augmentation

  • the lips asymmetry;
  • insufficient lips volume;
  • age-related changes of the lips.

Advantages of lip augmentation

Hyaluronic acid, a part of the filler, being released into the tissue triggers a cascade of biochemical reactions that contribute to the rejuvenation due to the synthesis of collagen fibers.

  • effect − plump lips are remarkable up to a year;
  • suitable for all ages;
  • the lack of long recovery period.

The side effects may take place in a few days.

There are contraindications. Consult a specialist of our clinic.

Top lip augmentation

Sometimes your top lip is thinner what makes it look disproportionate, so we offer a top lip augmentation to make it bigger, plumper, and more attractive. Don’t forget that lip implants cost higher than getting lip lift or any type of injections. Temporary lip injections are required every few months.

Lower lip augmentation

Lower lip augmentation is required when the lip is too big or too thin. We recommend the plastic surgery to reduce the size of a lower lip. If you’d like to enhance it, choose from some of the most effective procedures of our clinic, which include fat transfer, fillers, lip lift, or lift implant surgery.

After the permanent lip augmentation you are likely to recover during a week.

Cost if our service

Lip augmentation price totally depends on the kind of procedure. Lip surgery cost will be a bit higher, than lip injections cost. Consult our managers to get information about lips surgery cost.

Lip plastic surgery precautions

Before getting any kind of procedure, every patient should consider the risk that could take place in the future. Thanks to modern technologies and high-grade equipment we use, the risk is extremely low, but it’s better to take all precautions before you decide to get lip cosmetic surgery. Don’t forget to consider the lip cosmetic surgery cost before getting the surgery or injections, or consult our doctor to choose more beneficial procedure. Such risks may take place before or after any procedure: allergic reaction to some medicine, adverse reaction to anaesthesia, and others.

So, you would better tell our doctors about your intolerance of medication and they will provide you with any information about the session and possible side effects. But don’t worry – these effects are absolutely natural and they will disappear in few days.

Thanks to the usage of modern equipment, all the procedures at our clinic are totally safe. Skilled and experienced surgeons will provide the best treatment for quite affordable lip reshaping surgery cost.

So, we can guarantee safety, affordable lip augmentation cost, and great results for our patients. You will definitely be satisfied with a new and attractive shape of your lips, and your new look!

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Dermal fillers *

  • Lip augmentation with Hyaluronic acid (1,0 ml) - from 345 EUR
The final price depends on the type of filler (due to doctor´s recommendation), the scope of application and amount of used material. * The price does not include the application of a numbing cream EMLA - 7-20 EUR

Plastic surgery

  • Lip augmentation /Perma-lip/ + implants - from 852 EUR