Pigmentation treatment


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The treatment of pigmentation is especially applicable in case of:

  • pigmentation associated with ageing
  • sun-caused pigmentation
  • post-traumatic pigmentation
  • seborrheic keratoses
  • occurrence of freckles

What is pigmentation?

Pigmented stains are a real problem, which causes psychological discomfort to the patient. Pigmentation is very hard to hide and yet even harder to get rid of.

Nonetheless, modern dermatology offers a number of methods that enable removal of pigmented spots once and for all.

One of the main reasons of pigmentation is a problem with the production of melanin in the body. During a prolonged stay in the sun body’s production of melanin in certain parts of the body and face is double or even triple. This causes the skin to develop dark spots that are clearly visible on lighter body and face.

The second most common reason of pigmentation is liver malfunction.

Pigmented spots, which display unusual activity, require an urgent expert consultation. One may never exclude that in some cases excessive growth or darkened stains indicates development of cancer.

Professional Pigmentation Treatment

ALTOS Clinic offers you to make an appointment for pigmentation treatment. This procedure is very important because it is the problem the modern society has little to face with.

If you suffer from the skin pigmentation, first thing to do will be a visit to us, ALTOS Clinic, where we will be able to take care of this annoying issue. We will start from choosing a proper treatment for your type of skin. Then we will decide what method will do the best with the root of the problem.

We have 3 pretty efficient ways for you to forget about the pigmentation:

  • CO2 laser;
  • Alexandrite laser;
  • Photocosmetology.

These 3 types of skincare are useful in making your skin beautiful. CO2 laser deals with age-related skin changes using the safe method of correction with the help of the laser SmartXide Dot. Alexandrite laser comes to rescue, when we need to handle a very special occurrence by setting the impulse frequency, length, and speed. If the doctor chooses a photocosmetology session for you, your skin will get better due to the effect of flashlight making melanin disappear from the skin cover, not affecting healthy involucre. Be sure that after the course of intensive therapy in ALTOS Clinic you will shine with happiness!

Contact us, if you want to make your life better right now! We work with customers from different cities and even countries!

Pigmented stains and melasma removal

  • Chemical peel Enerpeel or Neostrata
    1 area (face, neck area and décolleté, backs of the hands) - 73 EUR
    package of 4 sessions - 245 EUR
    face and décolleté - 132 EUR
  • Retinol Peel
    1 session - 109 EUR
    package of 4 sessions - 382 EUR
    small size - 59-105 EUR
    medium size - 105-155 EUR
    large size - 205-255 EUR
  • Photorejuvenation IPL (intense pulsed light)
    1 area (face or neck area or décolleté or back of the hands area) - 84 EUR
    2 areas - 150 EUR
    3 areas - 216 EUR
    package of 3 sessions – 2 areas - 387 EUR
    package of 3 sessions – 3 areas - 550 EUR

* Local anesthesia is not included in the cost of the procedure