Aesthetic Medicine in Prague Center

Aesthetic medicine presents itself a sphere in a beauty and health industry which is orientated at the correction of a man’s appearance with the help of medical methods. It gives everyone an opportunity to have perfect skin instead of pigmentation, get rid of ageing signs, and forget about unwanted body hair.

Medical aesthetics supposes not only surgical interventions, but medical programs for the improvement of skin and hair condition, which may have an influence on integument condition, and also anti-age and rejuvenating methods becoming so popular nowadays.

The Most Required Procedures

Our aesthetic medical clinic helps you to struggle against ageing signs, flabby skin, mimic wrinkles, and many other imperfections.

  • Chemical peeling allows you getting rid of coarsened skin layer and stimulates physiological rejuvenation. It contributes to elimination of hyperpigmentation, scars, and relief roughness.
  • Biorevitalization – the procedure of hyaluronic acid injection which helps to prevent natural ageing processes and get rid of undesired consequences of sunbathing or cosmetic medicine.
  • Correction of mimic wrinkles makes you younger because skin of the face will become smoothed out. The result will be seen within 6 months, after this, you may repeat the session.
  • Softlifting rejuvenates the face by means of special fillers injected under the skin. This method aimed at the lip and eyebrow form correction, nose tip change, tightening of lacrimal sulcus, etc.
  • Ulthera system is used for the deep skin layers lifting without any surgery. Thanks to it, the skin strengthens from within, while the result is noticeable during several years.
  • Diamond microdermabrasion increases the skin elasticity remarkably, struggles with cellulite, and removes bags under eyes, etc. The procedure is carried out without surgeries, while the result is seen within 8 months.
  • Mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure, which has amazing results: ageing changes disappear; ageing precautions take place; scars, pigmentation and stretch marks become invisible; fat balance normalizes, and so on.

All procedures are conducted by qualified specialists who will take all your wishes into account and choose the most effective method in conformity with possible contradictions and desired results. Our aesthetic clinic will help to keep your beauty and prolong the youth! Rely on professionals!

If you would like to get a first vision of one of above mentioned procedures called diamond microdermabrasion, take this video into consideration. It explains what the procedure presents itself, which results are possible, and how this session has changed with ages. These are useful materials to watch before visiting a doctor.

Most required treatments

With its effective rejuvenating and anti-age methods, aesthetic medicine effectively remodels the face and body, fights the signs of aging, whether it is deep and mimic wrinkles, flabby skin or skin imperfections, including cellulite. With the help of biostimulation and biorevitalization processes it stimulates the recovery of collagen fibers not only to improve skin structure but also to increase hydration, strengthening and brightening.
Aesthetic medicine is an important part of keeping your youth and beauty.